lundi 3 octobre 2016

I made a dress

I love broderie anglaise and I'd wanted a black broderie dress for a while but I knew I couldn't wear something fully lined here in Reunion, so I settled for a mixed fabric garment instead. I went for broderie ruffles with a plain poplin shell:

I bought the black broderie in Singapore because it was super cute and the quality was very good, and the poplin is from a local shop. I used an old Ottobre pattern that I slightly altered, I think the original dress had tucks instead of gathering and puff sleeves or something like that, and of course I added ruffles that I finished by encasing the raw hem in folded narrow bias tape:

I like my dress because it's really nice to wear, I have my broderie details and even though it's black I don't think I look overdressed in it, or do I^^?

dimanche 17 juillet 2016

Holiday bag

I know it's been a long time since I last posted something on this blog but life got in the way and I didn't have the time or will for documenting my makes. When I say "life" I mean an asshole employer from hell but thank God I was able to quit and now I have peace of mind as well as plenty of time to post about sewing!
I'll go on a trip soon and I wanted to bring something new so I made a tote bag using remnants from an awesome border print, double gauze fabric that my mum had brought back from Japan. It has multicoloured rabbits playing instruments, jewels and psychedelic flowers, ie the basics of any correct print IMO^^:

The border prints were slightly different on each side of the fabric and because I loved both of them the bag has two different sides :) Since the fabric was very thin I interfaced it with some beige polycotton remnant, treating the two layers as one when sewing and used stiff, sturdy denim for the lining, so that the bag would hold itself nicely:

I only had black webbing for the straps so I covered them with purple polycotton to match the fabric, the finished bag has a pocket inside and it closes with a magnetic snap:

I love it, it's super cute and practical, not too big and neutral enough that I can use it with all the outfits I have planned!

jeudi 10 décembre 2015

Fuji san summer dress

I love novelty prints and Japan so when I came across this cute, colorful print of mount Fuji complete with its tiny Hokusai wave and pine trees I went nuts!

I found it in a shop at People's Park Complex in Singapore and as if the fabric wasn't adorable enough, one of the sales assistants was wearing a beautiful 3/4 sleeved top made with it: it looked amazing and I could immediately picture the same top lengthened in a babydoll dress for meeee^^
Unfortunately it's so hot where I live that in the end I had to settle for short sleeves but I'm still very happy with my dress:

As usual I finished the neckline and sleeves with bias tape, the hem is simply folded and machine-stitched and I added pockets, but since they're boring white cotton I didn't take a photo of them!

samedi 7 novembre 2015

Second Grainline Alder

I'm in love with this pattern! Here's my latest version in striped cotton from a local shop:

About the fit, I forgot to mention before that I cut the size 18 length because it would have been super short for me otherwise. I made a simple folded hem and finished the armholes with bias tape. Also I made self-covered buttons with a Daiso kit and, to conclude, even Dora likes it:

lundi 2 novembre 2015

First Grainline Alder

After hesitating a good 6 months -I was afraid about the fit, having never worked with a Grainline pattern- I finally gave in and bought the Alder shirtdress PDF and there's no going back! This dress is everything I love, it's cool, girly, comfortable and flattering.
View A looks great but for the moment my favourite version is view B with its cute gathered skirt, I made my first one out of vintage fabric found in a local shop:

The width was only 35" which is a rare find here in Reunion but I had 4 yards so it was plenty enough for the dress. I'd say the print is cute yet groovy :)

So about the fit, I chose size 6 based on the finished measurements and it's perfect, I only did a minor sway back adjustement by remonving a 1/2" curve from the back piece.
I lengthened the skirt portion by 2" too but it was useless and I chopped it off before hemming with some bias tape.
Also I was lazy and didn't do the attached button band on the right, it's simply folded twice as on the left side and since my fabric was too narrow I couldn't cut the back skirt on the fold and had to cut two pieces but with the busy print you can't really tell.
Of course I'm already making another one, I hope I can finish it quickly because with summer kicking in it's the best kind of dress to wear!

samedi 31 octobre 2015

Happy Halloween!

This year's outfit is not very glamourous but it is the intention that counts, right^^? In honour of my favorite celebration I wore an appliqued t-shirt featuring a cute, silly ghost:

 My left big toe is clearly haunted.

I copied it from a small picture in a Japanese book, the body and tongue are cotton fabric and all the black details are embroidered.
On a positive note I'm wearing these atrocious jeans and shoes because I'm now an almost full time vet assistant! Lucky me gets to clean all sorts of animals' various, hem, productions and it's hard to do that in a skirt. I sound sarcastic but I'm super happy to have this job, as I've already said I'm fond of animals so getting to be with them several hours everyday is wonderful :)

Also as usual I made something for my mum's birthday, even though she chose the fabric a few months ago she had completely forgotten about it so it was a nice surprise for her. I get my love of all things cute from her I guess:

Adorable owls and bow!

Have a great Halloween, I'll spend mine eating chocolate and watching Tales of terror from Tokyo, so fun!

jeudi 17 septembre 2015

Favourite outfit of the moment

I haven't worn a dress or shorts in weeks because I've been living in blouse + skirt combos: I'm obsessed! And that's all because I found a nice little pattern that looks great tucked in skirts and has allowed me to use remnants I had in my stash. I took 04/2011 Burda magazine's 108 shirt dress, shortened it and curved the hem and the armholes so that they would end higher on the shoulders. I didn't sew the front darts for a more relaxed fit and didn't add the sleeves and I got the cutest sleeveless shirt ever :)

I made this one with bits of fabric that were left after I made a dress for my mum, it's navy cotton printed with tiny white raindrops, I finished the armholes with bias tape and the buttons are from my stash.

I HAD to show my beloved heart-shaped bag!
Here it is worn with a white linen skirt, it's self-drafted ie I put pleats on two rectangles and sewed them down to shape the waist, added belt loops and a side zipper et voilà:

I have two more shirts like this one, both made using remnants from past projects and I'm planning more!